Events in 2007

St.Andrew's School, Leatherhead 7th March

St. Andrew's Secondary School were learning about Caribbean Music and as one of their pupils, Jack used to learn Steel Pans with me at Oakfield Junior he asked his Mum, Jo who plays in my performing group, if he could bring a Pan along to one of their lessons. Instead, we brought the whole band and a group of girls from Eastwick to play to his class. They performed "Harry Potter", "Mucho Mambo", "And I Love Her", "Pan Foolery", "Walking in the Air" and "Rivers of Babylon" extremely well. We also had time for 3 versions of "In the Jungle" with some of the St. Andrew's children having a go.

(Photos to follow)

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Eastwick Infants Music Week 23rd March

As part of Eastwick Infants' Music Week several groups from the Juniors performed as they had done last year. They were extremely good and I was very proud of them. They played tunes as varied as "London's Burning" and "Harry Potter" and the Infants seemed to enjoy listening.

Captive Audience


"Jelly on a Plate"                                                

Conrad and Matthew's first performance            


 "London's Burning"

Kate, Becky, Lucy and Laura


 "In the Jungle"

Conrad and Matthew play with Becky's Group

"Barry's Blues"

Katherine, Oliver, Annabel, Miles and Ethan

"Harry Potter"

Julia, Ellie, Jess, Joanna and Lucy


Natalie, Annabel, Oliver, Lucy, Hannah and Miles

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The Howard of Effingham Cake and Plant Sale 12th May

The children were invited to play at the Howard of Effingham Cake and Plant Sale which was held on Saturday May 12th from 11.00am. They played inside the new Cyber Cafe which was filled with shrubs, flowers and delicious cakes. It was the first time the Senior Group had played at an event and they played brilliantly. I was very impressed by their first attempt at "The Beatle's Medley", as were the people listening. Three groups from Eastwick also played and for some of them this was the first time they had played outside their school. This is what the organiser of the event had to say:

Thank you so much for coming down to play at the Plant Sale on Saturday. So many people told me that they thought your playing was great and provided a wonderful atmosphere, so no doubt we will be calling you again !

It's a shame that it wasn't brilliant sunshine to give the weather your group deserved but maybe next time ...!

Setting up



Senior Group joins Junior

Year 5

Year 4 managed with only 2 players

and a little help !!

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The Dawnay Fair 9th June

On Saturday 9th June The Dawnay School held their annual fair and Pantastic were invited to play at the fair. One of the groups from The Dawnay played and one group from Eastwick, to increase the repertoire. The Dawnay children played excellently. This was their first time performing as a group and I was extremely pleased with their performance. They played "Autumn" by Vivaldi, "Come Back Lisa" and "Yellow Bird". The Eastwick group played their usual repertoire of "Harry Potter", "Mucho Mambo", "And I Love Her", "Pan Foolery" "Rivers of Babylon" and "Quando, Quando, Quando". They were also as brilliant as always. Well done to both schools.

John, Luke (behind), Thomas, Luis and Rachel (behind)

Joanna, Jess, Clara, Julia(behind), Clara and Julia

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Losely Fields Primary School, Godalming 14th June

A friend of one of my adult players invited "Pantastic" to bring some Steel Pans to their school for part of their topic on St. Lucia. They had heard my previous Steel Pans from Moor Lane playing at Eastwick Infants when they worked there over 10 years ago !!

I took a Year 5 and Year 4 group and they played brilliantly as always. The children from Losely Fields particularly liked "Benjamin Calypso", because their end of year production was going to be "Joseph's Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat", but they also loved "Harry Potter".

Becky, Lucy, Me, Kate and Laura

Ellie-Louise, Julia, Jess, Clara (behind!) and Joanna

A very appreciative audience wearing purple !!

The children were very good at naming the pieces we played.


 These are just 2 of the lovely letters of thanks that we received from the kind children of Losely Fields Primary.

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The Grange Fund Raising Day, Great Bookham 23rd June

We were very lucky to receive an invitation from the Grange to play at their annual fund raising event. It was a great opportunity for children from The Dawnay, Eastwick and Oakfield to come together and play. Fortunately due to the rather changeable weather we were under a gazebo by the swimming pool. The children coped really well playing with other children they had never met before. I was very proud of their professional attitude.

Well Done all of you and thank you for playing !

John, Luis, Thomas (behind), and Rachel - The Dawnay

Miles, Luis, Ethan - Eastwick and Dawnay

Jess, Ellie-Louise(behind), Clara, Lucy and Julia - Eastwick

John, Alannah, Helen, Shivali (behind), George and Rachel

Oakfield, Dawnay and Eastwick - What a great mix !!

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Eastwick Summer Fair 23rd June

This was the first time that all children who have been learning Steel Pans at Eastwick School have had a chance to play to their peers and teachers. Sadly the huge downpour, that began soon after we started to play, drove away all but a few brave parents - thank you for staying! Fortunately though as I have always said "Play Steel Pans - Feel the Sun Shine" and it did.


The New Senior Group started with their impressive Beatles' Medley performed by Brittany from Oakfield, Jake (behind) from West Ashtead, Joanna from Eastwick, Pippa from Therfield and Michael from Eastwick. The medley is made up of 3 songs by the Beatles called, "All My Loving", "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and "Octopus' Garden". It is technically very difficult, but they played it brilliantly. It was arranged by local composer Mark Slater.

The Senior Group has recently been renamed "Pandemonium" and I am awaiting a t-shirt design so they can have their own uniform !!

A mix of Seniors and Juniors; Lucy, Becky, Brittany and Michael

Natalie (behind), Jonali, Lucy and Shivali (behind) looking suitably Caribbean.

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Oakfield Summer Concert    16th July

Another year over and another Summer Concert for the Oakfield children. I was lucky enough to have 3 groups able to play this year. I was particularly proud of the Year 3/4 group some of whom have only been learning for a term !! They played "House of the Rising Sun" perfectly and received a special mention from their Head Teacher - well done. The two other groups which were Year 5 children played "Sly Mongoose", "Autumn", "Come Back Lisa", and Benjamin Calypso".


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The Dawnay Summer Concert    18th July

The Dawnay children played their pieces perfectly. I was extremely proud of them and pleased with their performance. They played "Autumn", "Come Back Lisa", "Yellow Bird" and "House of the Rising Sun".


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Party in the Park 2007    22nd July

Wow what a hot afternoon ! Where did the sun come from ? Where has it gone now ? Well I have always said, "Play Steel Pans Feel the Sun Shine" and it did !! I'm not sure why I have no record of last year's party, but we did the same thing again this year and invited all Steel Pan players to the Lower Road Recreation Ground for games, pan playing and a picnic. It was Becky from  Eastwick's joint birthday party too.  We had fun team games with inflatable bananas and palm trees - as you do. Children from Oakfield, Eastwick and The Dawnay played together with members of the adult groups.

A mix of Dawnay, Oakfield and Adults    Lindsey made us a 2nd Birthday Cake

 Dawnay and Oakfield children together

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St. Teresa's School, Effingham 21st September                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Eastwick children waiting to play 


St. Teresa's girls ready to listen                    


On Friday 21st September 2 groups from Eastwick played at an assembly at St. Teresa's School in Effingham and then provided workshops for Year 8 girls. The first group played "Freres Jacques", "Amazing Grace" and "El Cumbanchero" and the second group played "Harry Potter", "Rivers of Babylon" and "Pan Foolery". Whilst the school left the assembly the first group played "Benjamin Calypso" and the second group played "And I Love Her" and "Mucho Mambo". Then 3 groups of approximately 20 children from St. Teresa's Year 8 learned to play some of "Come Back Lisa". It was a great experience for the Eastwick children and they represented their school very well. The girls of St. Teresa's were very brave to have a go and their enthusiasm helped the success of the workshop.


Eastwick play "Pan Foolery"


Eastwick play "Benjamin Calypso"

St. Teresa's girls concentrating hard......

.......working out the notes.....

......having fun.....

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