Events for 2008

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Village Day - Bookham


Garden Party - Kingswood


Effingham Fete


Hen Party


Relay for Life


Ridgemount, Banstead


Joint Birthday Party


Arts Alive


Private Party


Croydon "Switch On"

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Village Day - Bookham Saturday 21st June

Bookham Community Association organised the Village Day this year with the theme "Midsummer Carnival". This was perfect for the Steel Pans and we had the very exciting pleasure to be able to play on the back of a Tiger Timbers lorry. Many Thanks to them for loaning us their beautifully painted lorry and extremely able and friendly driver Peter.

As the week progressed and the weather reports became gloomier I was not even sure we would be able to play, but we were so lucky and the rain held off. It was quite difficult at times to keep your balance, especially when going over the "squareabout", but brilliant fun.  My daughter and her friend enjoyed throwing chocolate money from the lorry to the crowds of people lining the streets .


Once we had arrived at the back of the field behind the Barn Hall, thanks to Peter's skillful driving around the parked cars, we unloaded the Pans and took them into the arena so the children and adults could perform for the rest of the afternoon.


  Unfortunately as I was always  so busy I did not get a chance

            to take any photos of the children, so please email me them now if you have any.


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Private 60th Birthday - Kingswood Sunday 22nd June

We were invited to play for a lovely family in Kingswood on Sunday 22nd June. It was the hostess' 60th Birthday Garden Party.

Unfortunately, due to the late notice of the invitation 2 of our members were unable to play, so 4 members of "Pandemonium" played with us. They were brilliant.

We played two sets of approximately an hour each and started the second with "Happy Birthday" for the guests to sing along too.

They also came and tried their hand at playing the Steel Pans, although I think the free flowing alcohol may have impaired their progress !!

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Effingham Fete - King George Vth Playing Field Saturday 5th July

    Bookham and Horsley Rotary Club

    invited us to play at the Effingham

    Fete this year. Fortunately, despite

    the forecast it stayed dry, although 

    we were lucky enough to be under-     neath a lovely marquee to keep off     both the hot sun and drizzle.

           I was even luckier to be given

    the chance to fly in the helicopter     which was giving rides, because a     responsible adult was needed to go     with the winners of the Fancy Dress     Competition.



View of Polesden Lacey from the helicopter

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Hen Party - Claygate Saturday 12th July

I received an email completely out the blue from a lady in Claygate who wanted to hire us for her sister's surprise Hen Party. I realised once one of the guests arrived how we had obtained the booking. Jo, from the Scouts, who had hired us for the Christmas Carol Concerts, was a friend of the family.

What a wonderful evening we had ! We played under a gazebo in a beautiful garden with a swimming pool, hot tub, inflatable crocodiles, mock beach with flip flop and seashell shaped candles and the family were delightful. We were treated like guests, sharing their food and drink and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Joanna played, as Ruth was unable to come, and despite the fact she had a rotten cold, and was tired from her week away in Torquay with the school, she did very well and thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate brownies !!

We had learned part of two of the Wedding Marches; "Here Comes the Bride" and Mendelssohn's Wedding March. The former, we played as the bride-to-be arrived and the latter we saved for a bit later on, just to remind of her of what was yet to come - the big day itself.



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Relay for Life - Ascot Sunday July 20th

Cancer Research UK

I was asked if we would like to be involved in the "Relay for Life" . As one of our members is currently fighting breast cancer and we all have experience of family or friends who have suffered, it was only fitting that we take part. That is all aside from the fact that our current charity is indeed Cancer Research ! It was an early start and very breezy  and cold on the stage high up above the Ascot Race Course. We had a very short amount of time to play, but hopefully raised a smile or too from the participants.

The money is still coming in, but they raised over 70,000 on the day. The target was 50,000, so they were all delighted with the result.


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Joint 50th, 21st and 18th Birthday, Bookham Saturday August 16th

One of the workers at the Grange invited us to play at this joint birthday party having heard us play at their Festival. We played under a gazebo in the garden and despite the cold, the rain held off. The family had a most memorable birthday cake of tiers of little fairy cakes most beautifully decorated according to the different members of the family.

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Ridgemount - Banstead Saturday August 23rd

A Care Home for the elderly, which is affiliated to Keswick House where we played at last Summer, asked us to perform for their Summer Fair. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we played under the trees for three half hour sessions. The food was an excellent mix of Jamaican, Indian and Thai, so the residents are obviously very well fed. We even spied some enormous profiteroles in the kitchen as we left so were quite sad not to be staying for tea !! It was lovely to have 2 birthdays to play for as well: Lindsey's father, Ivan and Barbara. This was the last performance for Lindsey and Jo and they will be very sadly missed.


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Arts Alive - Bookham Saturday October 11th

Throughout Mole Valley different towns and villages celebrated Arts Alive and our village of Bookham was no exception. Pantastic was invited to contribute to the day, so "Pandemonium" and "The Pantastic Players" performed in the foyer of the Baptist Church and then workshops were given to any interested passers by. This was "Pandemonium's" first performance together as a new group and because they have been working on Christmas pieces they had just 3 pieces to play, but they performed very professionally. "The Pantastic Players" have also had some disruption in their group losing 3 players, but Amanda, who only joined the group this term, has worked so hard that they have a repertoire of 22 pieces to play with the help of Becky and Joanna from "Pandemonium". Once the Steel Pans had played for an hour, the workshops began and three groups of children and adults had a go at learning "Janey Girl" and "London's Burning". They did really well.

"Pandemonium" debut

"Pantastic Players" with Becky and Joanna

Amanda can already play without looking !!

Watch that hair fly on Bass Barbara !!

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Private Party - Epsom Sunday October 12th

On the most amazingly hot day in October - 21 degrees would you believe ? - we played in a conservatory in Epsom for a private party for a 70th Birthday celebration. Palm tree decorations, fishes, dolphins, coconuts and very welcoming hosts awaited us on this barmy afternoon. We played, and then they had a go, most enthusiastically, and then we played a bit more. Everyone was very appreciative and it was a good first gig for Amanda who excelled herself again.


Check out the parrots and palm trees - great decorations!!

Concentrating on Yellow Bird !!

Our hostess having a go !!

Feel de beat - Yeah man!!

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Croydon Christmas Festival

-  Saturday November 15th

The "Pantastic Players" went along to support Pandemonium playing Christmas Carols for Croydon's Christmas Festival which was a day of celebrations for the turning on of the lights by Brian Blessed. They played a variety of traditional songs, in between the carols that Pandemonium played. It was held on a stage in the centre of the High Street with lighting and sound amplification.


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