Events in 2008


Eastwick Infants' Music Week Thursday 13th March

We were invited to play for the Infants again this year as part of their Music Week. This was the last opportunity for the Year 6 children to play there. The first Year 6 group played "Benjamin Calypso" and "Brown Girl in the Ring" with the help of a boy from Year 4.

The second Year 6 group played their ever increasing repertoire of "Harry Potter", "Mucho Mambo", "And I Love Her", "Rivers of Babylon", "Pan Foolery", "Quando, Quando, Quando" and "Something Stupid". I also took a Year 3 group for their first ever performance and they played brilliantly. I was so proud of how well they played "Limbo", "London's Burning" and "Come Back Lisa".


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The Howard of Effingham Cake and Plant Sale 17th May

Children from Oakfield, Eastwick and Dawnay joined together to provide the entertainment for the Howard of Effingham Cake and Plant Sale again this year. They were ably supported by the Senior Group, "Pandemonium". A varied repertoire of pieces was played and we received many compliments.

This is what the organiser from the P.T.A. said:

Hi Nicky
Just a quick note to say thank you so much to you and the kids for playing for us today. It was brilliant !
Loads of people were saying it made such a great atmosphere and ...if you are free next year we would love to have you back.
all the best

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Village Day - Bookham Saturday 21st June

Again, all three schools; Oakfield, Eastwick and Dawnay joined together to play at Bookham Village Day in the arena. They were brilliant the way they just stepped up and played with children they had never met before.

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The Dawnay School Concert Wednesday 9th July

The Year 6 Dawnay children played at their last school concert as part of a range of other varied musical performances including a Euphonium solo. They played very professionally and it was commented that they sounded like they had a backing track they were so good. They played 5 pieces of varying styles from "Barry's Blues" to "Sly Mongoose" and "Coriander Calypso" to "Haydn's Surprise" and "Brown Girl in the Ring".

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The Grange Festival Saturday 2th July


The most popular face painting of the day for the Steel Pan children and you can see why - very tropical !


This was a really lovely event. Eastwick, Oakfield, The Dawnay, some of my adult players and " Pandemonium" came together in mixed groups and played brilliantly. The weather stayed dry and the visitors were very appreciative of the performances. I think I may need to set up some more adult groups, as I had so many enquiries about learning to play !



Dawnay, Eastwick, Oakfield & Eastwick

Oakfield, Eastwick, St. Teresa's, Oakfield

Oakfield, Eastwick, Oakfield

The children drew quite a crowd

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Oakfield Summer Concert Monday 14th July

There was a packed programme for the Summer Concert this year so 

it was necessary to limit the number of pieces played by the groups. However, the Year 6's did play a couple of pieces before the Concert as people were waiting.


The new Year 3's, who have only been learning for one term played "London's Burning" and "Janey Girl", the mixed group of Years 3,4 and 5 played "Coriander Calypso" and "Amazing Grace" and the Year 6 groups played "Sly Mongoose" and "Guantanamera".

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Fetcham Village Infants Friday 10th October

The caretaker at Oakfield School is so helpful to me that when he asked if I could do a demonstration of the Pans for the Infant School I felt obliged to help, despite the fact it was that very week. Fortunately one of the groups at Oakfield had a few pieces they could remember that were the kind of songs the children might know so I took them along with me. It was lovely for them as most of them had been to the Infants and the teachers were glad to see them return.

(Photos to follow)

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