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Pantastic Players


Private Party - Farnham

Village Day - Bookham

Village Day - Bookham

The Grange Festival - Bookham

The Grange Festival - Bookham


Party in Park Street - Camberley


50th Birthday Party - Effingham


Street Party - Claygate


Scout Hut Opening - Bookham


Arts Alive - Leatherhead


Wedding Reception - Farnborough


Private Party - Farnham - Saturday February 21st

Despite my protestations that the groups would not be ready for this gig, and then 2 of them were not available, the organiser was so keen to have us play for his wife that I relented and a mix of "Pandemonium" and "Pantastic Players" performed together.

After a lot of hard work from us all, although a special mention should go to Michael for learning 4 new parts in one evening (!!) we played a good repertoire of songs including all the favourites like "Yellow Bird", "Jamaica Farewell" and "Islands in the Sun". "Pandemonium" played their "Beatles' Medley" too.

Nearly all of the children at the party wanted to have a go and quite a few of the adults too, so we had at least half a dozen versions of "In the Jungle" !!

The inflatable palm trees, sunshine and bananas were put to good use and there was also a wonderful back drop of the sea.

The party organiser on Bass with one daughter, Mum on Seconds holding another daughter with one beside her and the other daughter behind on the Guitars. (left)

Their eldest daughter on Seconds. (right)


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Village Day - Bookham - Saturday June 20th

One of my adult classes agreed to play for Village Day and despite some obvious nerves prior to the performance they were brilliant.


One of them even made a desperate attempt to escape/disguise themselves/distract our attention or possibly all three !!!

Here they are playing "Quando Quando Quando" and despite the fact a set of notes flew away and a stick was dropped I am hoping that one of my newer members will not be scarred for life and return to play again one day !

Well Done to you all !

I am REALLY proud of you.


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The Grange Festival - Bookham - Saturday July 11th

Sadly, having decided that the remains of the "Pantastic Players" could perform their unique pieces on Saturday we ran out of time. The announcer introduced the celebrity guest to open the Festival and I had to negotiate heavily just to get us one piece  - "Rivers of Babylon". However, the other adult group had enough time to play their 3 songs beautifully, despite the rather inclement weather.

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Party in Park Street - Camberley Saturday July 25th

Well we won't forget this one in a hurry !! Poor Jon, Becky, Kate, Michael and Joanna were stuck on the M3 for well over an hour. They left home at 11.00am and reached us at Camberley at 1.45pm !! A car fire had resulted in them missing the first and second sets. However Amanda, Anne, Barbara and I managed to play with Oliver's help as they had driven through Guildford. I had arrived at 9.00am to set up alone and nearly ended up playing alone !!

We played 4 sets in all and formed part of a varied line up of acts from the Surrey Cadet Corps to the British Indie Rock 'n Roll group "The Stowaways". Both the latter were very loud and fortunately with the aid of the sound crew we were miked up and amplified throughout the street.

Having had much rain during the week we were lucky to have sun and a super new gazebo courtesy of Anne's parents.

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Scout Hut Opening - Bookham - Saturday September 19th

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What is Peter Duncan doing with those sticks ?

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