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Pantastic Players


Effingham Fete

Village Day - Bookham

Joint Party, 18th, 21st, 50th, 80th and 25th Wedding Anniversary - Hassocks

The Grange Festival

Air Ambulance Open Day - Dunsfold Park


Ewell Village Fair - Ewell


Effingham Fete -  Saturday June 26th

Wow !! It was hot, but fortunately we were under a marquee. We played for half an hour, without Amanda, and had quite a good repertoire of pieces. I was interviewed by the presenter, which was quite scary, but all in all it was a successful short performance.

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Joint Party, 18th, 21st, 50th, 80th and 25th Wedding Anniversary - Hassocks - Saturday July 10th

What a fabulous place for a Caribbean Party ! It's another first, playing on sand, not the best for acoustics, but definitely lots of fun. We were asked to play for a joint party for a family in Goddards Green near Hickstead. Sadly Joanna was feeling very unwell so had to sit some of it out, but we managed to cover her parts succesfully.


One of the guests really thought out side the box with her fancy dress !!!

They say animals can tell when you're feeling down.


                  Ann and Clara                                 Me and Amanda (I know that's bad English                                                                             it's positional - o.k. ??)


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Air Ambulance Open Day - Dunsfold Park - Sunday July 10th

We were so booked up already when I received the call for this, but after almost saying no I changed my mind realising what a worthy cause it is. Yet another sweltering hot day and a very small gazebo. We played 3 sets at 11.00am, 1.00pm and 3.00pm next to the Daleks !! Apart from the constant interruptions of the announcer it seemed to go down very well with those who were listening. Several people came and complimented us and took business cards.


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Ewell Village Fair -  Saturday July 17th

Fair logo


I took along both groups to the Ewell Village Fair. The adults played nearer lunch time when more people had arrived and drew quite a crowd. One lady was so disappointed that she had only just arrived and we were leaving that we played her an extra song.

We were playing in the grounds of Glyn House.

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Village Day - Bookham - Saturday June 19th

One of my adult groups played a variety of pieces from Pachebel's "Canon" to "Don't Worry Be Happy !"

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The Grange Festival - Saturday July 10th

My adult group played at the Grange Festival, but due to a short time slot we had to cut out a few pieces.

It was extremely hot unlike last year when it rained.

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