Events in 2010

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Village Day - Saturday 19th June

Eastwick Summer Music Concert - Monday 28th June

The Grange Festival - Saturday 10th July

Dawnay Concert - Wednesday 14th July

Oakfield Concert - Monday 19th July




Village Day - Saturday 20th June

As in previous years I invited all my children to play for Village Day. It was actually fortunate that they were not all able to come, due to Cub and Brownie events, as I had only 2 slots to fit them all into. However a good mix of Dawnay, Eastwick, Oakfield and Howard children, who had never met, came together and performed brilliantly. I was really proud of them all.

Eastwick and Oakfield - London's Burning

Oakfield, Dawnay and Eastwick

Eastwick and Dawnay

Eastwick, Howard and Dawnay

Oakfield, Dawnay and Howard

BCA Thank You Certificate for Eastwick

BCA Thank You Certificate for Dawnay


                                                                                                       BCA Thank You Certificate for Oakfield

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Eastwick Summer Music Concert - Monday 28th June

Due to lack of time available and the difficulty setting up and clearing away the pans (story of my life !!!) I suggested the children played outside on the front lawn as people arrived for the concert. This gave every group the opportunity to play and provided a lovely atmosphere as people walked up the path. Well done to all the children who played and thank you.


If any parents took some good photos they would like me to put up on the website please email me.

On the front lawn

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The Grange Festival - Saturday 10th July

Wow what a hot day !!!

It felt like we were playing in greenhouse but all the children turned up and played really well. I was really proud of them all for their sensible behaviour and mature attitude to the mixed schools event.

A mixture of Oakfield and Dawnay children


Children waiting

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The Dawnay Summer Music Concert - Wednesday 14th July

Two groups from the Dawnay played for their Summer Music Concert. The first group, a mix of Year 4 and 5 children played "In the Jungle" and "Sly Mongoose" and the Year 6 girls, who joined the Reserve group for "Pandemonium" in the New Year, played "House of the Rising Sun" and "Anna".

We were short of players as one of the Year 6's was ill so I asked for volunteers from the audience and Amanda played Bass for their first piece. Joanna helped me with both their pieces.

They all played brilliantly and I am very proud of them - well done.

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Oakfield Summer Music Concert - Monday 19th July

Two groups from Oakfield played. It was the last opportunity for the year 6's to play together. They all performed brilliantly. The younger group did a very difficult arrangement of "Moon River" for which I am particularly proud.

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