Events in 2011

Eastwick Exhibition Evening - Wednesday 29th June

The Grange Festival 2011 - Saturday 9th July

Oakfield Concert - Monday 19th July


Eastwick Exhibition Evening - Wednesday 29th June

I was asked if the steel pan groups could perform for this evening. Fortunately it was fine so we were able to play, as we were on the lawn at the entrance to the school. I was very lucky to have Anne to help as there were a few children absent and some groups with only 3 players.

It may look like I was about to hit Luke on the head, but I wasn't :)


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The Grange Festival 2011 - Saturday 9th July

As "Pandemonium" were playing in the evening and we only had 2 slots, which I managed to over fill last year, I decided to only invite my children's groups and 2 adult groups that wanted to perform. Anne, Joanna and the Reserve group helped me to cover the gaps in the bands.

As there were so many great photos I have made a short film of them opposite. If you would like high quality copies of any of them please ask, or if you would like them removed email me.

Congratulations to everyone for working so well together when you had never met each other before, let alone played together !!

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Oakfield Concert 2011 - Monday 11th July

Fortunately I was able to bring the steel pans to Oakfield's Summer Music Concert and the children were brilliant !! The Year 3's and 4 played "And I Love Her" and "Amazing Grace" and the Year 5's and 6 played "Theme from Forrest Gump" and "Quando Quando Quando".

I was really proud of them all, especially as my 3rd tenor pan was out of tune due to an accident at a gig on the weekend and they had to swap mid piece to make sure they all had a turn.

  Photos to come - hopefully ??

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