Fifth Charity - The Caron Keating Foundation

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Having read Gloria Hunniford's book about her daughter, Caron Keating, one of the "Pantastic Players" asked me if this could be our next charity.

The Caron Keating Foundation is a fund raising charity set-up by Gloria Hunniford and her sons Paul and Michael. We help many cancer charities across the country.

Read this lovely letter of thanks from Gloria

Click here to see the website:

Thanks to all the generous  people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:

Croydon "Switch On"

Private Party - Farnham

Mole Valley Housing Association - Dorking

St. Dunstan's School Fete, Cheam

St. Teresa's Summer Fair - Effingham

The Grange Festival - Bookham

Party in Park Street - Camberley

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Fourth Charity - Cancer Research

Cancer Research UK

Our fourth charity was chosen by my daughter, Joanna and one of the members of my performing group. It shall be Cancer Research.

The email request is opposite.


Thanks to all the generous people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:

Parkside Christmas Fayre

Garden Party - Kingswood

Hen Party

The Grange, Bookham

Joint Birthday Party

Ridgemount, Banstead

The new charity I would like is cancer research because many people die from cancer leaving family and friends and also because someone in my family has had it. Just thought I would get in there early as people are always quick at picking the new charity.

Cancer Research UK

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Third Charity - GASP

Our third charity, GASP, was been chosen by Sarah Sullivan, a Mum of one of my pupils at Eastwick Junior, and this is her request, along with photos of the children enjoying some of the events organised by the charity :

Could I suggest a charity that is linked to some of the children at Eastwick Infants and Junior Schools.  I am a Committee member of a charity called GASP.  It is a local group that supports parents and children with complex communication problems and all of the children are on the autistic spectrum.  These children often have problems involving the development of speech, language and behaviours.  We provide information and practical advice that helps parents and carers understand and work with their child's difficulties. 

We organise a specialist summer playscheme for ASD children, also an annual conference not only attended by parents but professionals in the health and education to relay on information and good practise.  The children are given the opportunity to take part in physical activities such as trampolining, horse riding, ice skating and bowling which ASD children find very hard to access in mainstream conditions.

This is Clare and Frances, her mum, at the recent Skating session at Guildford Spectrum.

The charity has sole use so these children who also have co-ordination problems can skate safely.

This is Laurence who went to the Thames Valley Adventure playground.  This is an enclosed playground so that parents of asd children can relax and know they haven't escaped.  Many of these children have no sense of danger so can disappear in an instant, plus with the speech and lang difficulties then can't relay important info to get reunited with parents.  So as you can imagine this playground is a relaxing day for all.

Thanks to all the generous people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:

Parkside School

Milbourne Lodge School

Farnham Lions

Kew Riverside School

Bookham Wine Club

Keswick House

Red Cross

Private Party Cobham

St. Teresa's Effingham

Handing over the cheque to Sarah from GASP with

children from Eastwick who helped to raise some of the

money by playing at St.Teresa's

Letter of thanks from the Chair of Gasp

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Second Charity - Facing the World

This is Laura's email with details of the second charity she would like us to support.

Dear Nicky

I think that the charity you should sponsor is 'Facing The World'. not many people know about it, but it is a charity that performs operations on children who are born with a distorted face. In the United Kingdom alone, they have only 8 surgeons qualified, and in Africa they have just 1. The extremely sad thing about this is that most of these children are born in places like Africa, where they don't have the money or the doctors to give them the treatment that they need. This means that they have to fly the poor children over here and pay for all the operations, and then pay to fly them back home again. The children have to go through a great deal of pain because the doctors have to basically shift the skull back to its proper place. They can't do this all at once, so they have to do it a little bit at a time, which is extremely sad and painful for the children. I am raising money for them with my Guide pack and I think that they could really do with your help so that in the future they might be able to set up a hospital specially for this in Africa. Thank you. from Laura

To see their website





Thanks to all the generous people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:

Westward School 

Bookham Beavers

Bookham Wine Club

Manor House School

Losely Fields Primary School

The Grange

Parkside School





See the letter of thanks we received from "Facing the World" here




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First Charity - World Vision

Elena was the first child to have her chosen charity on this page.

Here is what Elena had to say:

dear Nicky,

I think the charity we should sponser should be ' World Vision ' because my brothers sponser a child throgh World vision and both he and the child love it. It would be going to a great cause.

By the way I'm loving the steel pans and can't wiat 'til we play at the swan center on Monday.

                         From Elena Mackay.



to visit their website



Thanks to all the generous people at the  Swan Centre in Leatherhead, we raised £63.95 (including 10% of my fee).

Thanks to the Royal Kent School

and the generous donation from  West Street Traders' Association we now have £109.95 so we can start the new charity.



I have bought the following items from the World Vision website. In the absence of any other suggestions I have based my choice on a selection suggested by my daughter Joanna:

Toothbrushes and toothpaste for 34 children

4 chickens

a ram

100 malaria tablets

Vegetable Seeds


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