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Saturday 23rd June - "Twckeree" Marble Hill Park



Sunday 11th March - Marsden March - The Shadows !!



Outing to NAMCO London on February 25th 2012

That special moment in "Bohemiam Rhapsody" - jump fail !! (Arts Alive 2011)

Latest fun at Tangley Manor !



Thought you might find this interesting.


40th Birthday Party Chessington

Saturday 18th June 2011

Thanks for the photos Ellie :)

Saturday 4th December - Christmas Outing !


Tuesday 21st September - Partay !

Joanna and Kate's birthday tea party !!


               Glee Cakes - Glee !!!                                   Joanna's card


Sunday 5th September - Forget-Me-Not Walk


Michael sees red !   "With great power comes great responsibility "  hmm



      Niiiice hairband    Actually I think I prefer the purple one !


Flutterby ............                                             Who is she !!!?

Lions and Tigers


Sooooooo childish                                                     Fifi - yay !!!!!


O.k. so I turned the camera off at the beginning instead of pressing play - again !!!

Bohemiam Rhapsody video -You Tube download fail - will try again.

Sunday 29th August - Imber Court



Messing about in the

Play Ground - on a break


Swings !

Spot Billy No Mates - ahhhhhhhhh !

Saturday 3rd July - Sunningdale

Hi Five !!!

Yeeeees are you feeling alright Jo ???

O.K. so I can't talk

Glowsticks - yay !!


Watch these videos


You ain't seen nothing yet !!


Saturday 26th June - Woking


                                                                                   Lady Ga Ga

Be afraid - be very afraid !!!


A weird hair band game  !                                     An even weirder line up !!


It's o.k. Kate I'll distract him you walk off......

You're not texting again are you ? ........... Er is the sky blue ?

Saturday 12th June "I sucked one of Michael's           !!




Back to Front failure !!!

            Ho !                                     Mmmmmm !                       Urgh !!                                        Yeah !!  man !

Friday 11th June "Would you like to experiment with me ?"

Blurgh !!!

Tongues ??! - urgh !


"Glee !" (some more than others !)

Looooo - seeerrr !

Saturday 29th May to Monday 31st May - "Pandemonium" on Tour to Devon


Sunday 23rd May "Pizzas and Pans" and Water !!!!


Fighting for water !!

Michael gets away

Michael gets Becky

Joanna and Becky


What are they pointing at ?

Can I get on please ?

Good hair !

Joanna attempts the music video practice for Lydford but is sorely distracted by her fellow performers.


"Pandemonium" Fun video by Joanna

Michael's Birthday Card

Cartoons by Michael C

"Pinky" aka Joanna


"Eggy" aka Ellie


"Kit Kat" aka Kate

"Birdie" aka Becky



"Queen Shiney Vampire Jesus Ballerina Billy Bob Scottish Camel Kebab Angel Mouse Cutey Yeah" aka Michael 1

" Eminem" aka Michael 2

"Pandemonium" having "Fun Fun Fun"  "Pandemonium" on Tour to Devon 2009


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