Melodians UK and Pandemonium Joint Concert September 12th 2015

After Terry Noel invited me to take part in a joint concert with the Melodians UK at our Summer Concert Joanna was desperate for Pandemonium to be a part of this. This was rather crazy as the Summer Concert was to be their last concert and it was now the Summer Holidays and 3 members of the group were off to University in September.

HOWEVER we did it and wow it was the best night of my life !

Standing ovations all round - what a wonderful night :)

Just wanted to say what a BRILLIANT concert you gave us all last night.  Absolutely superb from both bands.

We really thought the Pandemonium set couldn't possibly top the bill after the magnificent orchestral first half - at times I forgot I was listening to steel pans, but they DID!  Amazing - elegant, fun, easy, incredibly stylish playing. A really lovely evening.

Thank you!

Just one of the emails I received after the concert