Summer Solstice and Jubilee Evening - Ashtead

Caribbean Evening - Effingham

East Horsley WI

Community Fair - Epsom

Mole Valley WI

Bookham Community Entertains Show  


East Horsley WI - East Horsley - Friday 28th September 2012

Thanks to Lyn's contacts in her line dancing classes we were invited to play for a WI Meeting in East Horsley Village Hall. Panache played their pieces and I gave a talk about the steel pans and how I became a steel pan teacher.

Panache were nervous as we had to play on the stage and I had to talk with a microphone to a rather large audience, but we were well received.

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Community Fair - Epsom - Saturday 17th November 2012

Again we were booked for this gig as a result of Lyn's dancing contacts as she teaches at the Wells Centre where we played for their Community Christmas Fair. The photo above was taken there.

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Mole Valley WI - Fetcham Village Hall - Tuesday 11th December 2012

This was a fun gig booked over a year ago. I had fun with the talk on the stage - feeling more relaxed after my first attempt. Pandemonium joined Panache and played their debut performance of William Tell, which was memorable as they received a standing ovation and many cheers !! Panache also performed extremely well, despite requesting the curtains be shut on the stage so they could play behind them.

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Bookham Community Entertains Show - Friday and Saturday 14th and 15th December 2012

Panache played before the show to keep the audience entertained whilst waiting and also they played "Moon River" and the 3 "Blue Danube Waltzes" during the show. They were right next to the audience, but played very professionally and showed no signs of nerves.

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