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Feel Good Fair - Bookham Barn Hall

50th Anniversary Rugby Dinner

Alliance Healthcare Summer BBQ

60th Birthday Party

Staff Party Wisley

Feel Good Fair Saturday 23rd April

This was a brilliant event organised by the Mum of one of the fomer players from Pandemonium for the Rotary.

It was a lovely way to promote ourselves and we enjoyed playing on the stage in the Barn Hall and taking part in some of the classes too.

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50th Anniversary Rugby Dinner Saturday 7th May

This was so much fun as it was very busy and noisy so we played really loudly and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The guests seemed to appreciate our playing too.

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Alliance Healthcare Summer BBQ 7th June

We were short of a few players, as it was during the week, but a couple of players from other bands stepped in to help us play.

Mary had a go at the hula hoop, but found it a little harder than she had remembered :)


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60th Birthday Party 18th June


Members of Panache and Pantasia played for a 60th birthday party in a lovely house in Fetcham. We alsmost outnumbered the guests but they all seemed to be having a great time, singing along to the tunes and dancing too.


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Wisley Summer Staff Party 13th July

I called Wisley as I thought it would be a lovely place to perform and by coincidence they had been looking for a Steel Band to play for their Summer Party, so not only were all our adult bands able to play but Panache were booked for a gig too.

As it was a little chilly we were set up in the restaurant which was perfect.

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