"Pandemonium" 2007

Howard of Effingham School, Cake and Plant Sale

The Grange Fund Raising Day

Eastwick School Fair

Parkside Ball

Milbourne Lodge School Ball

Parkside Christmas Fayre

Howard of Effingham School, Cake and Plant Sale - Saturday May 12th



Michael covers Bass for "Sammy Dead - O!"

The Senior Group had their debut performance here, covering absent pan players from other groups.

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The Grange Fund Raising Day - Saturday June 23rd

Brittany, Jake (behind), Joanna, Pippa and Michael (behind) play their impressive "Beatles' Medley" for the first time in public.

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Eastwick School Fair - Saturday June 23rd

Brittany, Jake (behind), Joanna, Pippa and Michael (behind) prepare to play at the Fair to start the beginning of all the Eastwick children performing for the first time at their own school.

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Parkside Summer Ball - Stoke D'Abernon Saturday 23rd June

Thanks to Vicki (see above left photo) we were invited to play at the Parkside Summer Ball. It was a beautiful occasion and we able to play on the veranda under the grand columns overlooking the river, sipping our champagne and orange juice.

We were very well received by the guests and even the Head Master came to congratulate us in person. The organiser had a go at playing the Bass Pans for "In the Jungle". Unfortunately Anne was on holiday, but Joanna and Pippa from the Senior Group covered her absence admirably.




Pippa and Lindsey                                                     Joanna through the columns

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Milbourne Lodge Summer Ball - Claygate Saturday 7th July


I just happened to mention to one of the Mums, as we were waiting for our daughters to take their Grade 4 Ballet Exam, that my Steel Band had played at a Ball at the weekend. She thought it would be a great idea for their School Ball that she was helping to organise for her daughter's school. It was a rather chilly, (my lips were blue !) but fortunately dry evening, after all the rain we had had during the week. The Senior Group joined us as Lindsey and Barbara were away and we managed to produce a good repertoire and were well received.

Anne fresh from her holiday with Joanna &  Brittany 

The front of the school.

Michael, Anne, Pippa (behind) Joanna &  Brittany

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                         Parkside Christmas Fayre -Friday 16th November

After the success of our performance at the Parkside Ball in the Summer we were invited to play again at the Parkside Christmas Fayre. This was a very upmarket and sophisticated event held in the school's gym with many tempting stalls at which the Performing Group were joined by both the Senior Group and another adult group. The Seniors played their recently learned "Banana Boat Song" (otherwise known as "Brown Girl in the Ring"!!) and the adult group played the first three Blue Danube Waltzes arranged for the Pans by Lindsey from the Performing Group. The Performing Group played 18 songs as well as 5 Christmas pieces including "Steel Drummer Boy" and "Calypso Carol.

Seniors start the evening by

playing "Banana Boat Song"

Adults - "Blue Danube" Waltzes 1,2 and 3

We stood on the stage

with all the stalls beneath us

and the public browsed whilst we played.

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