"Pandemonium" 2008



Howard of Effingham School, Cake and Plant Sale

Bookham Village Day

Private Garden Party

The Grange Festival

Arts Alive

Croydon "Switch On"

St. Teresa's Christmas Fair

Scouts Carols, St. Nicholas Church

Community Entertains Show


The Howard of Effingham Cake and Plant Sale 17th May

Children from Oakfield, Eastwick and Dawnay joined together to provide the entertainment for the Howard of Effingham Cake and Plant Sale again this year. They were ably supported by the Senior Group, "Pandemonium". A varied repertoire of pieces was played and we received many compliments.

This is what the organiser from the P.T.A. said:

Hi Nicky
Just a quick note to say thank you so much to you and the kids for playing for us today. It was brilliant !
Loads of people were saying it made such a great atmosphere and ...if you are free next year we would love to have you back.
all the best

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Village Day - Bookham Saturday 21st June

Again, all three schools; Oakfield, Eastwick and Dawnay joined together to play at Bookham Village Day in the arena. They were brilliant the way they just stepped up and played with children they had never met before.

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Private 60th Birthday - Kingswood Sunday 22nd June

We were invited to play for a lovely family in Kingswood on Sunday 22nd June. It was the hostess' 60th Birthday Garden Party.

Unfortunately, due to the late notice of the invitation 2 of our members were unable to play, so 4 members of "Pandemonium" played with us. They were brilliant.

We played two sets of approximately an hour each and started the second with "Happy Birthday" for the guests to sing along too.

They also came and tried their hand at playing the Steel Pans, although I think the free flowing alcohol may have impaired their progress !!

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The Grange Festival Saturday 2th July


The most popular face painting of the day for the Steel Pan children and you can see why - very tropical !


This was a really lovely event. Eastwick, Oakfield, The Dawnay, some of my adult players and " Pandemonium" came together in mixed groups and played brilliantly. The weather stayed dry and the visitors were very appreciative of the performances. I think I may need to set up some more adult groups, as I had so many enquiries about learning to play !



Dawnay, Eastwick, Oakfield & Eastwick

Oakfield, Eastwick, St. Teresa's, Oakfield

Oakfield, Eastwick, Oakfield

The children drew quite a crowd

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Arts Alive - Bookham Saturday October 11th

Throughout Mole Valley different towns and villages celebrated Arts Alive and our village of Bookham was no exception. Pantastic was invited to contribute to the day, so "Pandemonium" and "The Pantastic Players" performed in the foyer of the Baptist Church and then workshops were given to any interested passers by. This was "Pandemonium's" first performance together as a new group and because they have been working on Christmas pieces they had just 3 pieces to play, but they performed very professionally. "The Pantastic Players" have also had some disruption in their group losing 3 players, but Amanda, who only joined the group this term, has worked so hard that they have a repertoire of 22 pieces to play with the help of Becky and Joanna from "Pandemonium". Once the Steel Pans had played for an hour, the workshops began and three groups of children and adults had a go at learning "Janey Girl" and "London's Burning". They did really well.

"Pandemonium" debut

"Pantastic Players" with Becky and Joanna

Amanda can already play without looking !!

Watch that hair fly on Bass Barbara !!

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Croydon "Switch On" - Saturday November 15th

Pandemonium were invited to play in Croydon for their Christmas Festival to celebrate their day for turning on the Christmas Lights. We were lucky that it wasn't too cold, but I managed to get some scarves and gloves to match the pans as well as some eyecatching purple sparkly cowboy hats !

The children played brilliantly, as always, and weren't put off by the staging and lights at all. (At least they certainly didn't show it if they were.) They had a good repertoire of Christmas Songs including "Winter Wonderland", "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and "Walking in the Air". They were joined by the adults to provide a longer repertoire.

The stage was right in the middle of the High Street


"Jingle Bells"

"Coriander Calypso"

"Winter Wonderland"

The sun shone !

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St. Teresa's Christmas Fair- Sunday November 16th

"Winter Wonderland"


Pandemonium were invited to play at Becky's school. St. Teresa's Preparatory School were holding their last Christmas Fair on the site on the Guildford Road before they moved up to the Secondary School. The children played their Christmas songs and some of their main repertoire. They were very much appreciated by the audience and staff. The pans were on the stage, which was beautifully decorated, and being higher up improved the sound quality. We were very lucky to have the help of the caretaker to move the pans

"A huge thanks from myself to you for such a wonderful performance last Sunday.  We all really enjoyed it it was mesmerizing." - Ffenella


"Calypso Carol"

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Scouts Carols, St. Nicholas Church - Sunday December 7th     

This is the third year we have been invited to play for the Scouts Carols and because Pandemonium had learned all the carols this year they played for the Service. They accompanied the singing for "Calypso Carol", "Away in a Manger", "Little Drummer Boy" and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". They also played as people left the service. We received compliments on their playing.

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Community Entertains Show - Wednesday and Friday 10th and 12th December

As I was producing the Community Entertains Show, for the first time this year, I decided that the Steel Pans should play in the interval as they had done for the past 3 years. Pandemonium had learned all the carols so they played brilliantly and were well received by all.

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