Ceylon Tea Party - Sunday July 12th

One of my adult learners passed my details to a friend of hers who was organising an event for charity and I agreed that "Pandemonium" could play to entertain her visitors. This was a tea party to raise money to help build a school for the children of the tea plantation workers in Ceylon. It was a lovely afternoon and the children were very well received by the tea party guests. There was a lovely atmosphere and despite the rain interrupting on several occasions it did not spoil the event. Apparently 265 was raised on the day which will be added to the money accumulated from 4 other tea parties in Surrey, hopefully amounting to 1,000 to help towards the project.



Becky had been face-painted at her church fun day and Joanna had had too much coke !!!

The appreciative audience.


Smiley faces - a rare but lovely sight !

Lesley and Sue, from one of my adult groups that I teach, were at the party and agreed to play "Spanish Eyes" with the children. Much to their disgust "Pandemonium" had learned the piece from memory, after one lesson, and they were using their notes.

"LOLs" as they would say !!

I think they all played really well together.

Click Here to see the card of thanks we received

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Relay for Life, Ascot - Saturday July 18th


Cancer Research UK

Relay for Life is a fantastic fund raising day for Cancer Research when survivors and family members of sufferers or those who have lost loved ones walk a 24 hour relay. Last year they raised 88,000 which is wonderful and I hope they will have an equally profitable day this year.

The "Pantastic Players" played for the event last year and we were invited back again this year. We were given a prime time slot at 2.15pm on the first day when the walkers were fresher having set off at 12.00pm.

Lindsey, who played in 2008, was there as a Cancer Survivor and watched us play our set.

Each pan was miked up and had to be sound checked before we could play. This meant we had to keep very quiet between pieces.

It was extremely windy as you will hear from the video, but it was like that last year too, I seem to remember, although it wasn't as cold this time.   We were also shocked by Jo, who also played last year, as she came up from Devon to see us. It was great to see her. The remainder of the "Pantastic Players" supported "Pandemonium" as Becky was unable to be there.

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Party in Park Street - Camberley Saturday July 25th

Well we won't forget this one in a hurry !! Poor Jon, Becky, Kate, Michael and Joanna were stuck on the M3 for well over an hour. They left home at 11.00am and reached us at Camberley at 1.45pm !! A car fire had resulted in them missing the first and second sets. However Amanda, Anne, Barbara and I managed to play with Oliver's help as they had driven through Guildford. I had arrived at 9.00am to set up alone and nearly ended up playing alone !!

We played 4 sets in all and formed part of a varied line up of acts from the Surrey Cadet Corps to the British Indie Rock 'n Roll group "The Stowaways". Both the latter were very loud and fortunately with the aid of the sound crew we were miked up and amplified throughout the street.

Having had much rain during the week we were lucky to have sun and a super new gazebo courtesy of Anne's parents.

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Caribbean Party - Imber Court, Molesey Saturday August 30th

We were invited to play at the Metropolitan Police Sports Club for their Caribbean Barbecue. Despite the chill wind and the lack of audience due to a volleyball tournament overrunning we were well received by those who were there. We even played "Happy Birthday" for one young girl who happened to be celebrating that day.

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40th Wedding Anniversary - Effingham - Sunday September 6th

Having asked us to play at the Relay for Life, Nigel then invited us to perform for his 40th Wedding Anniversary party in Effingham. Not only did one lady who was very experienced in Pans say how well the children played but Nigel's guests also learned to play really well too.

Nigel has set up a local support group for Cancer sufferers following his own experiences of the disease.



There was a caricaturist at the party. Click here to see his drawing of Joanna and I.

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50th Birthday Party - Effingham - Saturday September 12th

A friend of one of my adult group members asked us to play for her 50th birthday party on Saturday evening. A mixture of adults and children played together for the holiday themed party.

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