Private Party - Sunningdale - Saturday July 3rd


Wow !! That has to be the biggest house we've played at yet, with a swimming pool, and a poolhouse and a gym and a waterfall. Great party with caterers, a bar, dance floor and dj and us of course. I asked the organiser of the party if it was a birthday but it turned out to be a divorce !! Anne came to cover for Ellie and we played 3 sets from 8pm to 10pm. I brought the glowsticks which I had forgotten to give out in Lydford which provided entertainment !!!

The house

Table decoration and DJ

Anne covered for Ellie

The band.......

with glow sticks

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The Grange Festival - Bookham - Saturday July 10th

"Pandemonium" played a few of their songs for the Grange Festival including "Palladio" and "Tico Tico". They also played "Bohemiam Rhapsody" for the first time in public.

Concentrating on "Palladio"

"Soul Limbo"


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Ewell Village Fair - Ewell - Saturday July 17th

Fair logo

I took along both groups to the Ewell Village Fair. "Pandemonium" played first with the help of Anne and I as Ellie was in Australia and Becky was partying. They managed very well without them and I was really proud that "new" Michael played "Bohemiam Rhapsody" on Tenor by himself with only Bass and Seconds to accompany him.

One of the Daleks from the Air Ambulance Show was there too ! Oh and the Morris Men !! :-)


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The Celia Cross Greyhound Trust - Clandon - Sunday July 18th


"New" Michael's greyhound was recently rehomed from the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust, so when they asked us to play for their 40th Anniversary Celebration I was happy to oblige. It was a very windy and sunny day. We borrowed a gazebo which finally took off just as we were finishing our last piece. Fortunately Jon and some of the other guests rescued it but I think Michael nearly lost his head !!

They enjoyed our music so much they asked us if we would play another set.

Jon was in his element stroking all the gorgeous greyhounds and turning their ears inside out. We still only have one cat !


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Caribbean Barbecue - Imber Court, East Molesey - Sunday August 29th

The day after we returned from our holiday in Sicily we played at Imber Court, the police recreation ground in East Molesey. Like last year there were few people watching and like last year it was windy and chilly. Unlike last year the heavens opened and everyone and everything got very wet. Our clean and tidy house was then filled with pans and covers drying out for the next few days. This did mean we were able to finish slightly earlier than anticipated.

"Dogs day out" - not police dogs, but trained by police dog trainer

Having fun on the swings on a break....

.........on the see-saw

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Forget-Me-Not Walk - Farnham Park - Sunday September 5th

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This was the second walk organised in memory of Vanessa's Mum and in aid of Leukemia Research. Sadly it was a grey morning and there was a little rain but the sun appeared in the afternoon. Fifi Forget-Me-Not from Fifi and the Flowertots was there too and she was really cute. There was a balloon race after the walk too.

The Mayor walking by.

Fifi had her photo taken wth us

Caribbean Face, Lion, Butterfly, Spiderman, Mask and Tiger !

Doughnuts !!

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Wedding Reception - Kingswood -  Saturday September 18th

Having played at a private garden party in Kingswood, in June 2008, we were invited by one of the guests to play at her daughter's wedding reception. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the garden and house were the perfect setting. We played for an hour non-stop and still had pieces left in our repertoire. It is great to be able to choose what we play now.

We were very well received and looked after. The children were given chocolate cake, biscuits and drinks, as well as party bags to take home !

Emma with the band

Playing "Bohemiam Rhapsody"


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Arts Alive - Leatherhead -  Saturday September 25th

Despite a busy family weekend for Joanna's birthday (and Kate's party too !) we played for half an hour in Leatherhead High Street for Arts Alive.

Many people came to watch including some adults and children who I teach.


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Leatherhead Swans - Leatherhead Leisure Centre - Tuesday 26th October

We were invited to play for the Leatherhead Swans who meet at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre weekly. Several of the members were also from the Grange Centre so Ellie knew them as her Mum works there and they remembered us from when we do the Festival each year. We now have a few biscuits in the van for emergencies !! Thank you.

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Private Party - Bookham - Saturday 30th October

Michael's Gran had her 90th birthday party and we were invited to play. We were lucky the rain held off whilst we played, although we had a lovely big marquee to shelter us. A new rendition of "In the Jungle" was performed by various family members. The cupcakes were gratefully received, as was the bucks fizz despite the fact I lost a few bars of "Tico Tico" somewhere !!

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Launch of Museum Maker Project - Lightbox, Woking - Friday 5th November

On a rather chilly, but fortunately dry, Guy Fawkes night we performed at the Lightbox in Woking for the launch of their Museum Maker Project which was a light sculpture called "Exchanging Luminance" by Richard Jackson. Kate and Becky were at a fireworks party so Anne helped to cover the group despite the fact her baby was due in 2 weeks !!

Exchanging Luminance, by Richard Jackson is an installation that will light up the courtyard and draw visitors into The Lightbox.

Combining glass, stainless steel and LED lighting, Exchanging Luminance will continually fluctuate, as its surfaces respond to the light. The imagery in the glass is inspired by the essence of the building and its collections, a focus for art, craft and contemporary design.

Exchanging Luminance is part of the Museumaker Project, a prestigious national project involving sixteen museums. It unlocks the creative potential of collections through imaginative interchanges between the heritage and contemporary craft sectors. Museumaker is funded by the Arts Council, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.


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Community Entertains Show - Bookham- Thursday and Friday 9th and 10th December

It was my third year of producing the show and having been asked why "Pandemonium" could not have their own slot in the show I decided to make them one. They played before the show as people arrived and then during the show they played "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Under the Sea". In the interval I joined them to play.


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