"Pandemonium" 2014

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Youth Showcase Awards Ceremony

Pond Meadow School Fair

Godalming Bandstand Rotary Fun Day

Second Album Recording

Community Entertains Show

Second Album Recording - Sunday 17th August

I was unsure if the band would be together for another year so I booked a recording session with one of the guys who had helped us with the last album and he invited us to the school where he now works.

Pandemonium played incredibly well and the difference between this album and the last is quite noticeable.

This is one of my favourite tracks from the album:



Godalming Bandstand Rotary Fun Day -6th July

After the BCA show last year I asked one of the groups where they played and they said local bandstands, so I rang around and Godalming were looking for groups to play for a Rotary Fun Day in July. As Michael R was still at the Wireless Festival and Ellie not available Abbie from Steelicious joined Anne and Caroline and I.

We allowed the audience to come and see the pans and many people showed a genuine interest and were fascinated by what we did.

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Pond Meadow School Fair - 5th July

Last year we were invited to play at this school but were double booked so it was a pleasure to be asked again and be able to perform. Unfortunately Ellie was on a University Open Day, Michael C was also unable to come and Michael R was doing work experience at the Wireless Festival so Anne and Caroline came to help play. Joanna did brilliantly playing William Tell and Heal the World on her own on Tenor.

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Bookham Village Day - 21st June

Village Day 2015 the theme was Farmyard animals so I printed off cartoon farm animals like Piglet and Eeyore and Peppa Pig to decorate the lorry.

It was so sunny we needed lots of helpers to keep off the sun.



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Youth Showcase Awards Ceremony - 31st January

It was great to be invited back to play for the award ceremony but this time we were on the stage and continued the drama of the Christmas performance with the films by adding 2 more film songs and clips - Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid and Just Can't Wait to be King from the Lion King


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Community Entertains Show -Friday 5th and Saturday 6th December

This year Michael offered to arrange the music for Pandemonium in exchange for his lessons. He arranged the theme from "Madagascar", "The Jungle Rhythm" from Jungle Book 2 and "You've Got a Friend in Me".

The group played this along to a film which Joanna made from clips of each of the films.

Click here to hear the theme from Madagascar by Hans Zimmer