"Pandemonium" 2015

This was Pandemonium's last year as 3 of them would be leaving school and 4 of them would be off to University. As Michael Raven was working he paid me by arranging all the pieces for the year.

Friday 6th March

Youth Showcase Awards

"Pandemonium" were nominated for the Team Work award at the Youth Showcase Awards held at Dorking Halls this year. Becky was unable to attend and Michael was playing piano for the Howard of Effingham School Musical.

The band were up against stiff competition and the winners were a group of lads from Brockham who had set up a help your neighbour scheme during the floods.


Saturday 20th June

Village Day  - last day on the lorry :(

The theme for this year was Kings and Queens - hence the Burger King crowns and playing cards. We tried to rig up a speaker through the cigarette lighter socket of the lorry, but unfortunately the voltage was different so we were unable to add the drum tracks.


Playing Moon Dance by Van Morrison


Playing the theme from the film Madagascar by Hans Zimmer


Playing the William Tell Overture


Friday 26th June 3rd Album Recording

Michael arranged all the pieces for the band this year and then recorded and edited them for Pandemonium's final album.

Despite a few hangovers from the Leavers' Ball everyone played exceptionally well in the high pressure situation and 3 hours later it was complete and ready for editing.

The pieces are:


Jungle Rhythm

You've Got a Friend in Me

Take Five

Hotel California

Moon Dance

This Love

Set Fire to the Rain




Melodians UK and Pandemonium Joint Concert September 12th 2015