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P. A. N. D. E. M. O. N. I. U. M.                                                                              Waiting for the Break Down Lorry - On Tour Devon 2010

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On October 3rd 2006 I started a new group of children who have either left Junior School or who have shown particular talent in playing Steel Pans.

Current members are:

Michael (gap year) Joanna, Ellie and  Michael (Yr 13) Becky and Kate (Yr 12)







The original members were:

Michael (Yr 6) Eastwick, Pippa (Yr 7) Therfield, Jake (Yr 6) West Ashstead, John (Yr 7) Therfield  and Joanna (Yr 6) Eastwick.

Brittany (Yr 6) Oakfield joined soon after we started and replaced John.Then Becky (Yr 5) St.Teresa's became a member. Sadly Jake left due to other commitments and then Brittany moved to Devon.

We now have Ellie from Therfield (Yr 7) and Kate and Oliver from Eastwick Juniors (Yr 6)

Sad News - Oliver has left. On behalf of all of "Pandemonium" I would like to thank him for his time with us, all the hard work he put in, and all the fun we had together. I wish you well for your future !


Now we have Michael from the Howard (Yr 9)

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