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Village Day - Saturday June 18th

Wisley - Thursday June 30th

Claremont Landscape Gardens - Sunday July 3rd

Medicine Garden, Cobham - Saturday November 26th

Polesden Lacey Christmas Event - Sunday December 4th

Late Night Shopping Evening, Bookham - Thursday December 8th



Village Day - Saturday - Saturday June 18th

I am very lucky that so many of my players are willing to have a go at Village Day.

I say willing, but I know they find it quite stressful, despite the fact they play really well.

Thank you to those pan players who supported those in other bands.





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Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley - June 30th


I thought it would be a lovely place to take my adults to play and so when I rang Wisley I was surprised not only to be able to invite them to play but also gain a booking for Panache to play for Wisley's staff party.

The video opposite is of Panache and one of the members of Panstix playing one of the Blue Danube Waltzes.



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Claremont Landscape Gardens - Esher - July 3rd

Had so much fun with my groups playing by the lake again this year and even had a turn in a rowing boat!

It was dear Mary's last time playing, as she felt at 91 she should bow out gracefully, which was very sad.

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The Medicine Garden, Cobham - November 26th

Well this was something new for Pantastic - playing at the Medicine Garden. It was very cold, and so were the pans, but we somehow managed to play some Carols to entertain the small audience that assembled.

This was Panache's debut performance of Carol of the Bells which seemed to go down well.

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Polesden Lacey Christmas Event - December 4th

I was very concerned when we arrived this year that we were not under the gazebo where the tables were, but oh my goodness this was a wonderful performance.

The sun shone and so many people came to listen and singalong, even my friend from school days whom I hadn't seen for about 30 years!!

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Late Night Shopping Evening, Bookham - December 8th

It was so lovely to be a part of Late Night Shopping this year and it was only because I said we couldn't play outside and it was agreed that the groups could play inside the Baptist Church.

It was rather daunting having such a close audience, but once we started it was fine and lovely to hear the appreciation from those who stayed to listen.



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