Events in 2006

South Bookham Infants had their Music Week after half-term and invited the Steel Pans to play to the children on Wednesday 22nd February. 3 groups from Eastwick Junior School  played 6 pieces. The Year 3 children played "London's Burning", " Freres Jacques" and "In the Jungle" , the Year 4 children played "Harry Potter" and the Year 5 children played "Come Back Lisa" and "Yellow Bird".

Year 3 have only been learning for 4 months. They played "London's Burning", "Freres Jacques" and " Yellow Bird".

After the Eastwick children had played the South Bookham children had a chance to play.


George shows Isobel how to play the Single Second       Freddie has a go at playing the big Bass Pans            Natasha plays Tenor

Eastwick Infants had their Music Week and invited the Steel Pans to play to the children on Thursday 23rd March. 4 groups from Eastwick Junior School  played 7 pieces. This time the Year 6 group joined the other groups to play "Yellow Submarine". Afterwards the Infant children had a go on the Pans and it was VERY noisy !!

Year 3  

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

The Infants have a go.

George and Rose discover their 3rd head !

Wow he's soooooooo big !!

Ooooh ! Really ???

Bookham Music Festival, Friday 5th May

was held in St. Nicholas Church. The children from The Dawnay  were invited to play for a small concert involving children from South Bookham Infants and The Dawnay Infants. Two groups played "Harry Potter", "Coriander Calypso", "Sly Mongoose" and "Freres Jacques". It was the first live performance for many of the children.

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Royal Kent School, Oxshott, Saturday 17th June - Summer Fair

Children from The Dawnay, Eastwick and Oakfield Juniors as well as adults played alongside one another at the Royal Kent Summer Fair.  

The opening of the Fair was delayed by the late arrival of Queen Victoria.

I'm not sure whether "We are amused." ??

A mix of Dawnay, Eastwick and Adults play "Barry's Blues"

Adults play "Yellow Bird"

Year 4 Eastwick and Dawnay play "And I Love Her" by the Fab Four

The Attree Family mother, son and daughter play "Come Back Lisa"

"Benjamin Calypso" with the children helping the adult group

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Village Day, Bookham 17th June 2006

It was sooooooo hot, but we found a nice shady spot under a tree to perform.

The children all wore bright colourful clothes

Adults and Children played together

The audience was huge ....

and very appreciative

Year 6 played better than they had ever done before

Well Done Year 6


Dawnay, Oakfield and Eastwick children playing "Harry Potter" together.

Congratulations to all Adults and Children who played - you were excellent ! Thank You .

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Woodlands School Leatherhead, 27th June 2006

A Year 4 Group and a Year 3 Group from Eastwick played at Woodlands School in Leatherhead as part of their Arts Week on Tuesday 27th June.

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Westward School Walton-on-Thames, 4th July 2006

A Year 4 Group and Year 3 Group from Eastwick played at Westward School, Walton-on-Thames on Tuesday 4th July. The Head Mistress and Music Teacher learn to play Steel pans in one of my adult groups. The children at Westward were shocked to see their Head Mistress and Music Teacher playing with the Eastwick children. They were very appreciative and a great audience.

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1st Bookham Heron Beavers, Bookham, 18th July 2006

The Beavers also invited the Steel Pans to play for them at their end of term party amd farewell to long time leader Lynette. The boys dressed as pirates and had a go learning to play a tune. It was a lovely hot sunny day and the Year 3 and 4 children played on their field in the shade of the trees.


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