Why are Steel Pans so great?

Read what the children think here

Read what the parents think here


Children, if you're reading this, get composing !! Maybe you could write a poem about Steel  Pans, or just tell us how you feel. You could even draw me a picture. If you do I'll scan it and put it straight onto this page.


The front of Emily's Steel Pan Notebook beautifully coloured in. Emily started playing at the Dawnay and is now at the Howard. (09/12)

Thank you James for letting me copy this fabulous picture from your Pans' folder - it's brilliant - well done :) (10/11)

Thank you Laura from West Ashtead for our first contribution !! (11/05)

This is what Michael from Eastwick Junior thinks - Have your say !! (11/05)


Oliver, from The Dawnay drew this fab picture of the Pantastic Logo. Thanks Oliver - it's great ! (02/06)


  Thanks Joanna - it's good to know your thoughts too ! (02/06)

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These gorgeous little paper Steel pans were made by Merete and Lucy from Eastwick Juniors Their new inventions are called the Tenass - a cross between the Tenor and Bass Pans. (03/06)

Thanks for this lovely palm tree Joanna - very Caribbean !!

Thanks Clara - this is such a fabulous drawing - You've made me look so cool ! !


Here are some comments taken from the parents' emails !!



I just want to say well done for such fantastic ( or pantastic ) organization on Saturday. You must have worked extremely hard to ensure that everything went as smoothly as it did and it was so enjoyable to watch the children – they all looked like they were enjoying themselves and I know ##### had a great time! I thought the standard of playing was really high, so again, well done and thank you very much for all your effort.


We really enjoyed listening to the children play last week, I'm surprised at how well Hannah's group played considering what a short time they have been learning!

Luis and Thomas are enjoying their lessons very much and it is lovely to have found a muscial instrument that they enjoy playing. Thank you.

    Matt was very pleased with     himself having never     performed before (he usually     takes back seat rolls even in     class assemblies).

We were proud that he has achieved so much.

He really enjoys the lessons had so far, and feels very motivated by you (recently getting the certificate, etc), so a huge THANK YOU to you for that. We've been on your  website and think it's great!

    Matthew really enjoyed     yesterday’s lesson and was     keen to show us what he had     learnt.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that Michael enjoys the classes so much.

Well done on Saturday. They did really well.

Daniel has really enjoyed learning the steel pans this term.

I loved listening to the children playing in the last class, you can tell they all really enjoy it. Thanks for all your great teaching. 01/09

Matt is really enjoying the lessons and he’s very excited about the concerts.

Well done with your programme!  I think it was FANTASTIC! ……The sounds of the drums were lovely.  

You’ve done an outstanding job.... and I am very happy because it builds Ethan’s self esteem.  Thanks a million!

....your students are shining examples of what kids CAN do if they practice and try!!!!


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         Photos of children from Years 4, 5 and 6 in 2005 at West Ashtead Primary. I am so glad I had the opportunity to teach you.